Frequently Asked Questions


Which countries are supported?

To register your organization or start a fundraising campaign you should have a bank account and address in any of our 23 fully supported countries. These countries include United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg, Finland, Austria, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore. However, anyone with an international credit or debit card from any part of the world can make a donation to an organization from our online donation button Givingbox. Currently the credit card reader functionality of our GivingPoint app can only be used in the United States.

Who is Stripe?

Stripe is a global payment gateway. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to operate on-line payment systems. Currently we use Stripe for our secure payment processing in all our supported countries.

What currencies are supported?

Currently we support 13 different currencies including US Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Canadain Dollar, Australian Dollar, Danish Krone, Swedish Krona, Norwegian Krone, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, and Swiss Franc. Donors using these currencies can make donations in their country’s currency. However donors in other countries will have to make donations in our default currency which is the US Dollar.

Do you support designated giving?

Yes. We have as many designations as possible. If you do not find your fund designation you may choose other and send a memo to state your donation purpose.

How can I get a refund of my donation?

Your organizations can issue a refunds from their Stripe dashboard. You may also send a message to and we will issue the refund. Donors will see the refund as a credit on their card or bank account statement approximately 5 to 10 business days after refund is issued. You may refund all or part of a donation. No fees are charged for refunds, but the processing fees from the original donation are not returned.

How do I track donations?

For fundraising campaigns tap the donor bar in the app to see the full list of donors and amount they donated. Donors will receive an email receipt for every donation. Organizations can track routine donations live with our free GivingPoint app or on our website. Approved donations are posted instantly. We also provide a free dashboard on our website for organizations to track their donations history; see more donation details; export their donation data to a spreadsheet; and issue refunds.

How do I complete my account registration?

To complete account regiatration for an organization or a fundraising campaign you need to complete a 2 step email verification process. You will receive 2 emails. In the first email accept your Stripe account. In the second email sign into your Stripe account again, complete the account activation and click on “Authorize access to this account”. You will be redirected to our website and your account registration will be complete and you will be ready to receive donations directly into your organization or fundraising campaign bank account. If you already have a Stripe standard account that is active you only need to follow instructions in the second email to sign into your Stripe account and your account registration will be complete (Please check your spam mailbox if you do not receive both emails in your inbox).

How do I complete Stripe account activation for a personal fundraising campaign?

  • Business address: Use your physical (home) address
  • Type of business: Select - Individual, sole proprietor, or single member LLC
  • Business website: Use -
  • Business description: Fundraising campaign on Giving mobile app platform.
  • Job title: Fundraising campaign organizer/owner
  • Statement descriptor: GIVING MOBILE APP
  • Support phone number: 1833 344 8464 (Givng mobile app customer service number)
  • Bank details: Use your personal bank account details

How often are funds deposited into bank accounts?

Your very first funds deposit will take up to 7 business days after your first donation. Subsequently donations will be deposited in your bank account on a daily basis. Bank account donations may take up to 5 to 7 business days to complete processing.

How do I purchase a Stripe mobile card reader?

Log into your Stripe dashboard at and click Terminal from the left menu options. Click on shop and order your Stripe BBPOS Chipper™ 2X BT card reader. Order as many card readers as necessary. You can group your card readers by location. Churches with a membership of 200 or more will get a free Stripe card reader after completing sign up (send an email to with your address).

Is my card or bank account information safe?

Yes. Secure payment processing is through Stripe (a secure global payment gateway). All transactions involved in the storage and processing of your card data or bank account information is done through Stripe. No payment information is stored on our mobile apps, website, or servers. All information going through our servers is protected by the highest level of security (256 bit encryption). Our platform is secure and is payment card industry (PCI) accredited.

What are your payment processing fees?

Giving App - Processing fee for bank account donations is  1% + $0.3 per donation (capping at $5). Processing fee for card donations is  2.9% + $0.4 per donation ( 2.2% + $0.4 per donation if you are approved for Stripe nonprofit discount).

Givingbox - Processing fee for card donations is  2.9% + $0.4 per donation ( 2.2% + $0.4 per donation if you are approved for Stripe nonprofit discount).

Card reader (GivingPoint) - Processing fee is 2.7% + $0.25 per donation.

Giving Fundraiser - Processing fee for bank account donations is  1% + $0.3 per donation (capping at $5). Processing fee for card donations is  2.9% + $0.4 per donation.

We do not have any subscription fees, monthly fees, or annual charges.

Do you offer any discounts for non-profits?

Nonprofits in the United States with a 501(c)(3) status and an EIN number may receive a discount for Stripe processing fees (discounted rate of up to 2.2% + $0.3 per donation). To apply for this discount, simply send a message to Stripe at with your EIN number and a request for the discount. Once your nonprofit status has been confirmed by Stripe, donations made to your organization on our platform will be processed at Stripe's nonprofit discount rate.

Who can start a fundraising campaign?

Both organizations and individuals can start a fundraising campaing on our platform. We may request more documentation to verify the authenticity of your fundraising campaign in order to protect donors on our platform.

Any tips for sharing fundraising campaigns?

We recomment that you share your fundraising campaing on Social media (Facebook, Twitter) from our website. This provides a direct link back to your fundraising campaign page on our website and donors can make a quick donation from there. We recommend that you share your campaing on messaging platforms (Whatsapp, messages) using the mobile app. This will quickly redirect donors to open or download the app and make a quick donation.

How do I edit/update or delete a fundraising campaign?

For mobile app - go to my account and under my campaigns, click on the campaign and it will open up the campaign for editing or updating. For website - go to my campaigns under menu section and click on the campaign and you will see an edit tab under campaign photo. To delete a fundraising campaign send an email to and we will delete your fundraising campaign from the platform within one business day.

Are personal donations received through our platform tax deductible?

Donations made to personal campaigns on our platform are generally considered personal gifts and are not considered to be tax deductible. However, you should check with a tax professional to be sure.